Valve Actuation

Valve Solutions

We are pleased to announce the opening of our very own Valve Actuation and Repair shop at the new TS&M Regina location! Our technicians specialize in valve service and repair as well as assisting in setting up preventative maintenance for your investment.

Preventative Maintenance Services

• Gate, Globe and Check valves
• Actuators and Emergency Shut Downs (ESD's)
• Plug and Butterfly valves
• Pipeline and Wellhead valves
• Drilling and Test Manifolds
• Pigging and Stabbing valves
• HCR valves
• Wellhead valves
• Pressure testing to 10,000 PSI
• Rod Rotaters • Wellhead BOP's
• Chokes
• Re-Packing Services

Field Services

• Plant Valve Repacking
• Wellhead / Manifold Servicing & Lubrication
• Pipeline Valve Maintenance
• In Line Valve Servicing
• Valve Commissioning
• E.S.D Servicing and Repair
• Chokes
• Preventative Maintenance Programs
• Pressure Seal Valves


• Scotch-Yoke
• Rack & Pinion
• Quarter Turn
• Linear, Pneumatic
• Hydraulic
• Electric
• Spring Return
• Double Acting

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For General Inquiries and Quotations please contact:

For more information please contact:
Mark Browning at 306.537.5772
Stephen Lisitza at 306.421.8897